Vodafone gave this customer such epically bad service, she wrote a play about it

Coldplay don't fare well, either

By Holly Brockwell February 18, 2016

Of all the experiences a human being can have, a terrible customer service encounter with a major phone network has to be one of the most universal. We’ve all cried with frustration, torn out clumps of innocent hair and made vague threats to low-level phone jockeys in pursuit of justice, fairness, or just that upgrade we were promised.

But Louise Voss has taken her frustration with Vodafone to another level entirely. She’s written a play.

Titled Vodafone: A Tragi-Comedy, it chronicles her insane but all-too-relatable slalom through various levels of customer service, being told one thing one day and the complete opposite a day later.

Characters include Forgettable Person, Nice Ginger Salesman and my personal favourite, Dour Matt. There’s also an awful lot of Coldplay, the soulless corporation’s hold music of choice.

You can read the entirety of Vodafone: A Tragi-Comedy on Louise’s website. Alternatively, calm down with a lovely pop song. How about this one?

Main image: Jonathan Oakley via Flickr Creative Commons

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