About Gadgette

Have you ever been talked down to about tech? Offered the pink version of a laptop, or asked to flash if you wanted to try a new smartwatch? I have.

Without meaning to, the tech community often condescends to women or ignores us entirely, appealing to a certain narrow demographic that doesn’t resonate with a lot of us.

I wanted to offer an alternative, so I founded Gadgette in early 2015 to offer female-authored, female-focussed articles about tech, gaming and geekery, with a side of inspiration.

In November 2015, I won Woman of the Year for founding the site, and Gadgette was also Commended for Best Specialist Site for Journalism in the 2016 Online Media Awards.

Who’s in charge?

I’m Holly Brockwell, freelance journalist and “Twitter phenom” @holly.

Before Gadgette, I was Editor of former female-focussed tech site ShinyShiny. These days, I write for publications including Techradar, Woman & Home, the Guardian and the BBC.

Find out more on my website.

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