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Here’s where you’ll find Gadgette on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Gadgette’s not on Snapchat because I feel like an old man shouting at a cloud whenever I use it. Also, please don’t ever try to call me on an actual phone. #MillennialProblems

Mailing address

It’s not wildly secure to put my address on the interwebs, so if you’d like to send me something, email me first.

Advertise on Gadgette

There are lots of ways you can advertise with Gadgette or sponsor content, so I can pay the hosting bills. Find out more here.

Tech support

If you’re having technical issues with the site, newsletter or something else, send me an email. Hopefully it’s not the email bit that’s broken, or we’re in trouble.

Anything else?

Send me an email or a tweet.

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