The week in sheep

3 stories ewe need to read today

It’s been an unusually busy week for our favourite woolly wonders, so we’re bringing you into the fold with all the news fit to bleat.

1. Google Sheep View – find flocks from your desk

Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like: Google Sheep View searches Google Street View for sheep on the lam(b), and rounds them up for you. Like all the best ideas, it came out of a Freudian slip: the site’s co-creator Ding Ren told Mashable, “I was asking Mike to look something up on Google Street View and said Google Sheep View by mistake and didn’t even realise it. Guess I just always have sheep on the mind.”

Featured flocks come from all over the place: Wales, New Zealand and the hilly bits of England are well-represented, of course, but Sardinia, Taiwan and Chile make an appearance too.

Some of our favourites:

You’ll find Google Sheep View on Tumblr. Obviously.

2. King Lear with an all-sheep cast

This might be the best play description we’ve ever read:

“…A stubborn director is trying to put on a production of King Lear with a cast composed solely of sheep. As expected, his actors are both silent and mutinous. Much chaos ensues. King Lear with Sheep is an experimental re-evaluation of its famous predecessor that overturns theatrical conventions through the startling and revolutionary device of costumed sheep.”

Shear madness.

The play runs for 5 days (12th-16th August) at the Courtyard Theatre in London. Tickets cost £10 from TicketWeb, and amazingly haven’t sold out yet. You’d be baa-my to miss it.

3. The world’s cutest sheep comes to Wales

The BBC reports that the utterly adorable Valais Blacknose sheep has made its debut in Wales this week. Looking like a race-flipped version of Dougal from the Magic Roundabout while sounding like the ovine equivalent of Barry White, this cute-as-a-mutton breed hails from the Swiss mountains.

Image: storebukkebruse on Flickr

Watch the video here – sound essential.

That’s it from the world of newsworthy sheep this time – join us again for The Week in Sheep. Possibly.

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