Ten times Janet Jackson totally bossed it

There's only one Janet Jackson

1. When she captivated Tupac in Poetic Justice by the power of her braids.

Gif: tumblr

2. When she blew us away, then gave us a little smile like it was nothing.

3. When she sashayed down the beach like the sexy girl-next-door in Love Will Never Do.

4. When she pulled off that kneedrop in Scream. Alongside Michael. In PVC.

5. Every time she set the bar high for choreographed dance routines like the pop radical she was born to be.

6. When she showed us how to do straight-up sexual provocation, no messin’.

7. When she let everyone know her name wasn’t ‘baby’.

8. When she taught us there was no time for people who thought they were all that.

9. When you realised you’d have to bring your best hip-shake if if you wanted to join her clique.

10. Every time she showed us there’s only one number one, and no room for haters. Janet, never change.