Bro wears high heels to show us we’re wimps. Fails spectacularly.

He thinks the childbearing sex has a low pain threshold

We wouldn’t normally include content from BroBible for obvious reasons, but this video is too good to miss. In their own words:

“In an effort to see why girls won’t stop complaining about wearing high heels, we decided to show them what wimps they are, and straight up dominate the heel game for a whole day.”

That went well, then:

Our favourite bits:

  • “I’m already in so much pain, it’s astounding.” At this point, all he’s done is put the shoes on and leave his flat.
  • “I’m getting the impression that my co-workers aren’t respecting me much.” Oh hey, welcome to the world of women.
  • “I feel like people love to talk about how girls are kind of like pissy, sometimes, and like in bitchy moods, and I completely get it right now. Like, I wanna kill everybody.” Especially the dude who invented heels.
  • “These teens are gonna judge me” – it genuinely is amazing how much a man wearing heels experiences the daily life of a woman
  • “I want death. Please let me die” – every woman at the end of the night
  • “This is Chinese foot-binding but in modern form.” Well, no.
  • When he abandons his night out to “take some Advil and go to sleep.” Been. There.

Via Neatorama.

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