The 10 best beauty YouTubers for grown-ups

Want some pro beauty advice but finding YouTube full of tweens? We can help

I admit it, I’m a beauty fiend. My bathroom cupboards overspill with magic serums and a blue oil from Sunday Riley that costs more than a fortnight’s grocery shopping. But I can’t get enough. And I reckon it is, in part, thanks to my addiction to beauty gurus on YouTube.

Forget cutesy vlogs and ‘Back to School’ tutorials, there’s some seriously good advice out there for those of us whose ages don’t end in ‘teen’. Just don’t blame us for the inevitable dent in the bank balance, OK?

1. ReallyRee

Beauty journalist and blogger Ree has quickly become one of our favourite beauty vloggers thanks to her weekly updates about the best new products around. Ree is famous for her bouncy, perfect locks and her hair tutorials showcase the best hair gadgets on the market and how to use them.

Despite the fact Ree jets off around the world on PR trips and gets exclusive access to all the latest brands, there’s something incredibly honest and genuine about her reviews, something that’s becoming ever rarer in the YouTube world.

If you always flip straight to the beauty section of a magazine, Ree is the vlogger for you.

2. Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright, AKA BritPopPrincess on YouTube, is one of our most-loved lifestyle vloggers thanks to a mix of beauty, fashion and health content. The 28 year old regularly uploads ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos which mix her sassy style and expert make-up application. Patricia’s foundation guides are also not to be missed if you’ve got a dark skin tone.

What’s most appealing about Patricia is the fact she showcases that beauty comes from the inside. From tips on how to be happier, TMI tales of nightmare bikini waxes and how to deal with loneliness, she’s the vlogger who feels like the best agony aunt you’ve ever had.

3. Vivianna Does Make-Up

Since joining YouTube five years ago, vlogger Anna has made a pretty big impact and is now even signed to the same management as Zoella. There’s something incredibly glossy about Anna’s vlogs, like the beauty pages of a high end magazine in video form.

With Anna you can expect a lot of beauty hauls, more than a few everyday make-up tutorials and even some healthy recipes thrown in to help you glow from within. My favourite videos from Anna come in the form of her seasonal edits, which cover the best of beauty for the months ahead, including make-up, skincare and bodycare.

With Anna, you always come away having learned a new beauty or style tip you wished you’d known years ago.

4. Lily Pebbles

Queen of the brown smokey eye, Lily’s channel is filled with beautiful tutorials and hauls that will make you want to head to Space NK stat. Like Anna, she has a very ‘magazine’ style about her editing and the pair often team up for beauty chat videos to discuss their latest skincare favourites and beauty disasters.

If you fancy yourself as the next big YouTuber or blogger, Lily has an entire series of videos focusing on the technology involved in making her channel and her recent Amazon haul got us wanting lenses for a camera we don’t even have!

5. AnchalMUA

Anchal Seda is a qualified make-up artist who gained popularity after winning the first series of Beauty Bootcamp, a Pixiwoo-fronted contest on the Daily Mix channel. Anchal’s channel is filled with celebrity inspired tutorials, covering everyone from JLo to Deepika Padukone.

The ‘Back to Basics’ series is perfect if you’re new to make-up or just want to brush up on your skills. For olive, Indian and Asian skin tones, Anchal has a great nude lips tutorial and her brow routine video is a must see for everyone.

If you want to know more about Anchal, be sure to watch the ethnicity tag for a fascinating look into her background.

6. Carly Musleh

Professional make-up artist and mum Carly is charging up the popularity scale thanks to her charming Geordie accent and genuinely useful videos. Carly isn’t afraid to cover the beauty issues that you really want to know, like how to get seriously smooth underarms when shaving. And if you always end up looking orange when whacking on the fake tan, be sure to give her top tips video a watch and never make a wrong move again.

Carly recently spoke out about having lip fillers, discussing the importance of not rushing into the act because of a celebrity trend and highlights how essential it is to properly research your doctor beforehand. If you’re considering any kind of cosmetic surgery, there’s a lot of great advice in this video.

7. BeautyCrush

BeautyCrush, AKA Sammi Maria, certainly stands out from the crowd thanks to her amazing array of tattoos and piercings, so expect a couple of videos on her collection of body art.

If you struggle with winged eyeliner (don’t we all?) then you’ll be pleased to know that Sammi’s most popular videos of all time include several tutorials to help you nail the look… And trust us, they actually work.

Like Carly, Sammi recently spoke out about her cosmetic procedures and the reasons behind them. Having undergone breast augmentation and an uplift last year, the vlogger explained how the surgery was more for corrective reasons and why she still believes in loving yourself and your body just the way it is.

8. Fleur De Force

We’ve long loved Fleur for her ‘Big Sister’ approach to beauty… And we’re not the only ones, Fleur has over 1.2 million subscribers! Thanks to being a hit across the pond, Fleur often takes trips to the States so expect a lot of US beauty hauls which are the perfect chance to  see products before they reach our shores.

If you’re on a tight budget, Fleur’s ‘Top 10 Under £10’ series covers the best beauty bargains out there, from mascara to skincare. She’s also fond of a little ‘Get Ready With Me’ video which show an entire head-to-toe look from start to finish. Often found attending a glamorous event or two, these videos are a great sneak peek into what goes on behind the scenes.

9. Tijan Serena

When you’ve recently wed a Russian billionaire, you’re going to have access to the best beauty and cosmetic treatments in the world. However, like all of us, Tijan loves a bargain and often recommends good old Boots products over their far pricier alternatives. As Tijan can afford Tom Ford in a way we’ll never be able to, it feels like her High Street product recommendations are 100% genuine and honest.

However, her channel isn’t afraid to throw in a big injection of glamour which certainly shows you how the other half live. From a quick 24 hours in Florence to a casual trip to Paris, Tijan’s vlogs are not to be missed.

If you suffer from dreaded adult acne, Tijan’s videos often cover the issue, having tried to banish the blemishes for years. For serious advice and products that actually work, be sure to check out her channel.

10. Bubzbeauty

She’s probably the most successful YouTuber you’ve never heard of. Bubzbeauty, AKA Lindy, has nearly 3 million subscribers. The Belfast beauty has been on YouTube for eight years and we’ve seen her style evolve from simple tutorials into beautiful videos on how to love your imperfections.

Lindy’s most popular videos of all time tend to be made up exclusively of hair tutorials which we’ve turned to time and time again for quick two minute up-dos and how to get perfect Japanese inspired curls.

Photo by on Unsplash