10 plus size babes to follow on Instagram this summer

If you’re searching for sass, these girls have got it in bundles

We know what summer is really like if you’re a bigger lady: chub rub that burns like an Ellie Goulding song, cropped cardigans to cover up dimpled and wobbly arms and the tireless need to cover up the VTL (that’s visible tummy line, for those not in the know)

But thanks to Instagram, we’re starting to get our confidence back and taking inspiration from some of the hottest plus size ladies the UK has to offer.

So banish the black, order a jumpsuit and get ready to be inspired!

1. Callie Thorpe

From ripped skinnies to neon bikinis, Callie is one of our favourite plus size bloggers of all time. Showcasing all the latest trends and best new pieces on the High Street, Callie is perfect to follow if you’re unsure where to shop for plus size clothing on a budget. Expect glowing skin, a super cute boyfriend and fashion tips that you’ll use over and over again.

And thanks to her recent appearance in Channel 4’s Plus Size Wars, Callie’s audience has grown even more. If you missed the show, click here to watch it on 4OD.

2. FullerFigureFullerBust

Just like her username suggests, George has a full figure and fuller bust to die for. This gorgeous girl is a bit of a celeb in the plus size world, having already launched her own range with clothing brand Lady Voluptuous and amassing over 60,000 followers on Instagram.

Proving that you can be healthy and plus size (seriously, why does this debate still exist?) George often shares delicious healthy food snaps and workout pictures which show that you can look awesome whilst sweating it out at the gym!

If you’re into the vintage look and love a bit of beautiful lingerie, follow George for all the best reviews and recommendations around.

3. Kat_V_Henry

If we were crowned Ms Curve for our local area, we’d be pretty damn confident too. Kat is all about body confidence and – rightly- bringing other people’s spirits up so she gets major brownie points from us. Her Instagram account is filled with messages of positivity so it’s one to turn to if you’re having a bit of a down day.

When it comes to fashion and style, Kat isn’t afraid of a bright colour, a bit of body con or a bold print- something most of us struggle with at some point. We love the fact that Kat turns her hand to any style trend and does it with the most infectious smile we’ve ever seen on the net. Bravo, Kat.

4. CharlotteBHC

Charlotte is the woman behind BlackHeartCreatives, our favourite online shop for the most badass jewellery around. So, as you can expect, Charlotte’s style is pretty bold and fearless, too. If you can pull off blue eyebrows and knee high socks on a day to day basis (we tried, our boss looked at us a bit funny) then this account is for you.

Being a jewellery designer, the devil is in the detail for this mega babe; from incredible nail art to statement accessories and a killer feline eyeliner flick, Charlotte shows how the little things matter most when it comes to completing your look.

5. ASOS_Felicity

Model and ASOS stylist Felicity has two Instagram accounts (because she’s just that popular). On her ASOS account, she models and styles all the coolest pieces from everyone’s favourite online store (so prepare to be bankrupt).

On her @FelicityHaywardCurveModel account, you’ll find glossy modelling shots and snaps from her envy-inducing jet setting life!

And if there’s one thing that Felicity teaches us, it’s to seriously never be afraid to rock that neon dress/pair of printed trousers/crop top. Be fierce, people!

6. DanielleVanier

Danielle’s motto is basically “You do you and I’ll do me”, which is what we repeat to ourselves when we slap on that new bright lipstick or bodycon skirt.  28 year old blogger Danielle also appeared in Plus Size Wars along with the lovely Callie and showed us that no sequin is too sparkly and no coat too furry.

As a bit of a fashion insider, expect lots of behind the scenes pics from Danielle’s account. From press days showing off the new season’s clothing and accessories to beauty tips and fashion week events, Danielle is always there snapping away.

If you’re dying to get out of your boring black routine, there’s no better way to do it than following Danielle. What you once saw as scary suddenly becomes lust-worthy and you’ll no longer be scared to wear neons or leopard print. We love you, Danielle!

7. McStephaton

Double denim? Check. Bra tops? Check. Skirts that split to the thigh? Oh yeah! Steph is owning her look and shows that style doesn’t have a size, it’s all about how you work it. A strong believer in body confidence and positivity, Steph’s photos often come with a tale of her journey into a healthy, confident, stylish woman.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Steph is a plus size blogging veteran but she only started showing off her sassy style last year after having a bit of a revelation about her body and the way she felt about it. There’s something seriously relatable about this girl and her Instagram account makes us feel pretty fearless when it comes to getting dressed on a morning.

8. ChristinaMcMc

We love Christina a lot. Social media manager turned DJ turned plus size blogger, we can’t get enough of our favourite tattooed temptress’s Instagram account for a mix of food, fashion and lifestyle inspiration.

Having recently spoken out about everything from the presence of plus size clothing in magazines and online publications to how she feels about her arms out in public (we struggle with this, too), Christina is quickly becoming our new favourite blogger and Instagrammer.

When it comes to fashion, we’ve been loving seeing Christina grow in confidence and posting more and more #OOTD (that’s Outfit of the Day) photos to keep us inspired. If, like us, you love a statement necklace, a dash of animal print and a whole lotta attitude then you need to follow this beautiful lady.

9. Pic_Pixie

Isha is someone we’ve only recently discovered but she’s quickly gained a place in our hearts and Instagram feeds. Blogging over at An Autumns Grace, Isha explains how her style has evolved over the years as she banished the tomboy style for something a lot more feminine and girly, and we think she looks awesome.

Isha’s Instagram account is filled with florals and frills, polkadots and pretty pinks and enough outfit inspiration to see you through from now until the end of time. If you’ve always been afraid to wear pastels or thought lace would never work on you, give Isha a follow and she’ll soon show you that feminine and girly doesn’t have to mean skinny and delicate.

10. Elenaraouna

When I showed a pic of Elena to my boyfriend, he pretty much confirmed what I’ve thought all along- this girl is an absolute goddess. Giving Kimmy K a run in the booty stakes, Elena has a body to die for so it’s only right that her look is all about tight body con dresses and a whole bunch of sassiness.

If you’re struggling to know what to wear on nights out, follow Elena because the girl is a bit of a party animal and we love her for it. We’ll definitely be channeling Elena next time we step into the club.

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