We ate space crabs at an alien feast, and we’d do it again

This Falling Skies promo event wasn't for the squeamish

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Guessing it wasn’t barbecued alien exoskeleton or a weird-looking space crab.

The brainchild of Miss Cakehead and London Mess, the extreme food duo who brought you human flesh burgers and an edible garden, the Alien Feast was put together to promote the fifth and final Falling Skies – Fox TV’s sci-fi drama about a band of resistance fighters living in the aftermath of an alien invasion of Earth.

The feast featured torn Espheni limbs, torsos and exoskeletons (shellfish, prawns and other delicious crustaceans), mutant alien crabs (terrifying spider crabs), extracted Skitter eyeballs (oysters with tapenade), mixed alien organs (crab, cuttlefish and octopus) and alien blood (squid-ink dyed champagne).

Like everything worth eating, it was served with a giant hammer so that you had to smash the shit out of it before you could get to the good stuff.

Dessert was bloody good too: a delicious smorgasboard of jelly, chocolate and other gooey-looking things.

It was served en masse, meaning you needed to fight tooth and nail for a portion, like the filthy animal you are. This is Messhead chef Jim Tomlinson’s signature dish and one of the main reasons to try and get on the guest list of any of his events.

The feast was hosted at the duo’s latest venture Prawnography, a seafood restaurant on top of Old Street roundabout which serves delights such crabmeat and chips, crab vodka and other catch-of-the-day specials watched over by creepy AF giant models of the aliens from the show.

If you haven’t seen it before, the show is pretty amazing too: written by Saving Private Ryan’s Robert Rodat and directed by Steven Spielberg (mate, you know who he is…) Falling Skies is set six months after a global alien invasion that devastated Earth and killed 90% of the population. A band of ragtag survivors is led by a buff history teacher (sorta, he’s second in command) proving that the geeks really will inherit the earth.