This emoji puzzle is driving everyone crazy

Warning: you may never feel satisfaction again

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This emoji puzzle is going round the social networks at the moment, and it’s causing everyone – including us – to lose their damn minds. Each number on the list represents a London station, and they’ve all been solved except number 12. What the heck is number 12?!

london stations emoji puzzle
This is worse than ‘Who Shot Mr Burns’

If you’re about to smugly declare the answer, check you’re not looking at 11 or 13 first. For some reason, this puzzle causes a lot of people to lose the ability to read numbers.

Number 9 is also a bit wrong – it’s a place rather than a station. But we’ll let whoever made it (no one seems to know) off, as long as they GIVE US THE ANSWER TO NUMBER 12!

Threads have popped up on Reddit, Mumsnet, Twitter and more, and no one’s got any closer to figuring out what it is. Outlandish theories abound, but none of them seem likely given how simple all the other answers are (though we’d forgive you for getting stuck on number 3 if you don’t live near it).

The creator of the puzzle is also a mystery – we found it on Reddit, but the person who posted it there got it from Facebook, which doesn’t help us much. If you can help us track down the creator and blackmail persuade them to explain, we will reward you with a whole lot of cake.

Best theories for number 12 so far:

– Barbican (barometer, bus, Canada)
– Mornington Crescent (a popular game that relies on confusing people with tube stations – and the clock does fit with ‘morning’)
– Stratford International (no one has an explanation for ‘strat’ but the bus/van/whatever could be a Ford, and Canada is international… yes, this really is the best we’ve got so far).

There’s also the distinct possibility that it’s either a mistake or a troll. But we can’t accept that, because we need to know the answer.

Want hints for the other 12 stations? Have an idea of what the answer might be? Tweet us at @GadgetteHQ. PLEASE.

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