Watch: Harvey Nichols advertises its app with real CCTV footage of thieves

The expressions on their cartoon faces really make it

Fancypants department store Harvey Nichols are advertising their rewards app with a cheeky new ad that uses real CCTV footage of attempted shoplifters.

With the strapline ‘Love freebies? Get them legally’, the ad appeared on YouTube on the 13th of July to promote the Harvey Nichols Rewards app. It shows people trying to nick off with clothes, makeup and jewellery from the high-end retailer, often in blatant circumstances – check out the guy pocketing a necklace right in front of the sales assistant!

Our favourite bit of the ad by far, though, is the cartoon villain faces that awkwardly-named ad agency Adam&EveDDB have used to hide the identities of the robbers. The shifty-eyed Dennis the Menace types have been brilliantly animated by the team at A&E, and it’s their facial expressions that make the ad as funny and shareable as it is. We did feel a tiny bit sorry for them when they got caught, though. Sometimes it’s the week before payday and you need a date outfit, you know?*

Watch the ad in full below:

*Gadgette does not condone thievery. Don’t be a git.

Main image: © Harvey Nichols via YouTube 

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