There’s now a Crossy Road t-shirt store and it’s the best

Emo goose forever

We love Crossy RoadLike the lovechild of Flappy Bird and Frogger, you basically just have to cross roads without dying. Like all the best games, it’s simple, addictive and adorable. And now there’s an official store so you can deck yourself out in blocky chickens and emo geese.

Games merchandise can be tricky (you don’t want to pay £25 for a logo t-shirt that everyone will assume you got free with the game) but Hipster Whale have nailed it with these funny and likeable takes on the game’s characters. Mind you, you do have to look twice at the ‘Boys’ icon on the website:

It’s a bat, apparently. Hmm!

Sadly, our favourite items in the Crossy Road store are only for kids (story of my life):

Crossy Road ‘Deal With It‘ girls’ tee, £13.99

Crossy Road Abbey Road-style boys’ tee, £13.99

But the adult designs are cool too:

Crossy Road Emo Goose women’s tee, £16.99

Crossy Road chicken women’s tee, £18.99

And the inevitable ‘hashtag selfie’ design (which we’re letting off because it’s pretty cute):

Crossy Road Selfie women’s tee, £16.99

We’d like to see some of the kids’ designs in adult sizes, and some stuff that’s not t-shirts (how about bumper stickers?), but nonetheless we’re pretty happy that we can now wear our love for pixellated poultry on our chests.

Check out the full range at the official Crossy Road store, or get the game itself free on iOS, Android, Amazon App Store and Windows Phone.

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