This indie band turned their troll’s comments into a kickass t-shirt

"Wear it like armour, and it can never be used to hurt you."

There are many ways to deal with the elusive and eternally irritating internet troll: you can ignore them and hope your silence is infectious, you can engage with them and hope you manage to reason your way out of the online battlefield of Twitter, or you can try something completely off the wall like Scottish indie-rock band Frightened Rabbit, and sell t-shirts based on some of the trolls’ weirder comments.

Scott Hutchison, Frightened Rabbit’s singer-songwriter, recently read a bizarre torrent of abuse aimed at him and the band’s physical appearance on Twitter, most notably calling them “furry brick built men” amongst other largely irrational insults. This led to an overwhelming response from Frightened Rabbit fans to join forces to create the so-called Furry Brick Built Men Club, because let’s face it, that sounds like a pretty awesome club to be in. The band themselves then decided to take this one step further, creating a t-shirt for all Furry Brick Built Men Club members to wear loud and proud:

“We had a legion of our wonderful followers asking to join the Furry Brick Built Men Club, and I can see why. It’s bound to be more fun than the Internet Trolls’ Crying And Wanking Club.”

Frightened Rabbit completely turned the table on the troll by embracing their insults and wearing them as a badge of honour, which both makes a complete mockery of whatever the unknown Twitter user was hoping to achieve, and makes the band even more likeable than they already were. And the icing on the cake is that all profits made from the t-shirt sales will go directly to Ditch The Label, a charity focused on helping young people and families who have been affected by bullying. Take that, trolls.

Main image © iStockphoto/claireview