Here’s how to find out your Uber rating

...without having to ask a driver


Sally was delighted to learn she had a 4.6 despite the vom incident

Whenever you take a cab ride with Uber, you get the opportunity to give your driver a rating of 1-5 stars. The driver can also do the same for you – but until now, your score was kept secret.

Presumably responding to the many, many people asking their Uber drivers to tell them their score, Uber have now added an option to the app to request your rating by email. It’s an automated process, so the email arrives instantly – we’re not sure why they couldn’t just tell you in the app, but maybe they’re trying to discourage people from checking their rating too often. Still, making the rating transparent surely encourages people to behave better in cabs to keep their score up – which can only be a good thing for everyone.

How to find out your Uber score

It’s a pretty easy process:

1. Open Uber and wait 9 million years for this screen to disappear (seriously, it’s slower than Spotify):

2. Go to Help on the left-hand menu

3. Tap Account, then scroll down and tap ‘I’d like to know my rating’

4. Tap ‘submit’

5. Wait for your email – mine only took a few seconds. Check out that near-perfect score, baby 😉

6. Depending on your score, boast on Twitter or start being nicer to cab drivers. Uber rating is the new Klout score among media wankers.

With thanks to James Ball for the heads up.

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