And the Unbelievably Sexist Email of the Week Award goes to…

Congratulations, Terry. No way this could backfire

this is the only face to make when you get sent a sexist email

Somewhere, a man called Terry is having a very bad day.

He recently made the giant error of sending a jaw-droppingly sexist and insulting email to Emma Jay Marsh, an artist manager with London-based SPIRAL who looks after acts including XO, Roblaw and Clancy:

Image: Emma Jay Marsh
Image: Emma Jay Marsh

Holy. Moly.

The backstory: Terry is also an artist manager, and contacted Emma about getting XO into the studio for a session with one of the acts he manages (for now, at least). Emma declined on XO’s behalf because he’s not taking on new sessions due to work commitments. And that’s it. That’s all it took. Incredible.

Showing impressive restraint, Emma told Gadgette that she hasn’t replied to the email (“I’d only get annoyed and end up saying something colourful.”). She shared it on her private Instagram, and it made its way to Twitter where it unsurprisingly started gaining attention. Emma says she’s had to delete all references to it from her Twitter account because “the notifications were driving me mad!”

She continues, “When I first saw the email, I was a bit taken aback, merely because it was a bit OTT and out of the blue. There wasn’t really any need for it. If anything I found it hilarious, because he suggested I should be his cleaner.

People seem to be more outraged than me, but I think it’s because I know so many great guys who work in this field.. And they’re not complete arseholes. So I don’t let this affect me to be honest, I certainly won’t lose sleep over it!”

Emma doesn’t know if Terry’s aware of his newfound fame, but we’ve got him to thank for our new email signoff: “thanks, you piece of shit.”

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