See the Lexus hoverboard in action

Where we're going we don't need roads. But we will need an expensive metal skatepark

After months of teasing, Lexus have finally revealed footage of their hoverboard in action. Called ‘Slide’, the board floats a few inches above the ground and appears to travel seamlessly. Don’t take out your credit cards just yet, though, because this ride is not available to the public, working only at a surely hugely expensive custom skatepark built by Lexus in Barcelona.

The custom skatepark was necessary as rather than simply working by the power of hover, or some high-strength transparent strings attached to a satellite, Slide relies on superconductors and magnets, kept cool by liquid nitrogen, to work against the specially built metal course underneath it and achieve its frictionless movement. Outside of the park in our dull world of concrete the hoverboard technology would be useless.

So, why bother building a hoverboard that won’t be released to consumers? The only explanation is that it is purely a development to improve the image of the Lexus brand. The auto industry is one whose companies perpetually fight to hold your gaze, so it makes sense that Lexus would put so much effort into such a technology stunt in an effort to grab our attention and rise above the competition.

Alongside the video of Slide in action, Lexus released a mini documentary of the science behind the fun; it’s an interesting bonus watch if you want to know more about the project.

Still, a hoverboard is a hoverboard and the video is impressive and exciting to watch. A quick request for jet thrusters on the back next, please, Lexus.