These jeans can charge your iPhone

You had us at hashtag hello

So often we leave the house in the morning, raring to go and more than capable of staying awake from dawn til dusk. And so often our phones just can’t keep up with us, dying a sudden death and cutting us off from the world before we have time to cry ‘wait, I haven’t even ordered an Uber!’

Joe’s Jeans are looking to be your new life saver, or at least your battery saver, with their new #Hello denim line. With a price tag of $189, these jeans are not cheap, especially considering the battery pack which does the actual charging is not included and costs $49 on its own.

Using an opening above the back pocket to store a small battery pack, and a slim side pocket to store your phone, the jeans charge your phone with a short USB cord hidden along the seams and connected to the battery. Unfortunately, the jeans only support iPhone 5/5s/5c and 6, so sorry 6 Plus and Android users, your denim dream dies here. (Ed: we were as confused as you as to why the jeans can charge the 6 but not the 6 Plus – we think it’s because the pocket is too small for phablets.)

The #Hello jeans aim to allow you to leave your charger at home and the handbag needed to carry it discreetly, or forego the cumbersome charging cases which are frankly unsuitable for the already frustratingly limited space available in women’s jeans pockets. If you think this is a worthwhile investment and want to be able to charge your iPhone 5 up to 85% and your iPhone 6 up to 70%, which isn’t a complete charge but at the very least a handy boost, then you’ll be glad to know that the jeans also actually look good.

The #Hello denim line currently has 4 washes: Regan in black, Aria in grey, Cecily in indigo, and Kalia in washed indigo. As long as you’re not looking for anything other than a skinny leg, this is at least some variety.

image: Joe's Jeans

It is nice to have women’s jeans with a spacious pocket, especially in the skinny style, but Joe’s are not the first company to come up with the idea of phone charging jeans. In 2013 I/O developed jeans for men and women in a slim leg, which, through the use of a pocket between the knee and the hip were able to charge smartphones with a screen 4.8 inches or smaller, not limited to the iPhone but also not quite as fashionable.

Joe’s Jeans are able to be purchased via the company’s online portal and ship worldwide (although we’re not sure that battery would be allowed in international transit). If you do get some, remember to take out the power pack before you throw them in the wash.

Main image: Joe’s Jeans