There’s a map of all the #tubestrike swearing going on in London today

Buses still exist, FYI

It’s that time again: the tubes are on strike and Londoners are extremely grumpy about it. Yes, we may have the best bus network in the country, the famous black cabs, proper trains from world-famous stations, some of the most beautiful pedestrian routes you could ever hope to tread and if all else fails, Uber, but we’re a pampered lot. We’re used to super-fast subterranean trains every minute, and God help the people around us if they’re taken away for a day or two.

If you live in London or use Twitter, you’re going to be subject to a whole lot of moaning until it’s over. And worse, interminably dull stories about how people heroically battled their way to work despite the adverse conditions of not having a transport network that virtually every other UK city manages without. And even worse than that, unsolicited opinions about strikes and unions from people for whom ‘tube driver’ was never a career option.


There’s a little ray of sunshine bringing joy back into our day, in the form of this incredibly sweary map from Shoreditch creative agency Impero.

No wonder Shaun is angry. He thinks tube drivers are paid £50,000 a month.

The real-time interactive map pulls in Tweets and Instagram posts about the strike, pins them to their locations around London and ranks the most-used swearwords. Well, we say swearwords – some of them are just insults, like ‘selfish’ and ‘greedy,’ and some are weaker than my nan’s insults (twit? Butt? Really?).

The map is also deluged with spam:


Sadly, any trending topic gets overwhelmed with pictures of One Direction, ‘win an iPhone’ nonsense and penis enlargement scams. At the moment, the spam isn’t being moderated out so there’s quite a bit of it.

We wouldn’t mind seeing a map of what the rest of the UK has to say about the #tubestrike. Something along the lines of “Who gives a sh*t?”, we’d imagine.

You can check out the map at the only .wtf domain we’ve ever seen here.

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