Graava: the action cam that does the editing for you

Lazy videographers rejoice

Are you the kind of person who lets their holiday photos sit on a tottering pile of memory cards growing so exponentially that you’re fairly certain will become a tourist attraction in its own right if you don’t start sorting through it? Or maybe the idea of sitting down to sift through hours of those video recordings, that seemed like a great idea at the time, makes you balk and want to renounce the digital era?

If you are, take solace that you’re not alone. In fact, digital procrastination is such a widespread problem that a new action camera called Graava has been designed in partnership with Matter Design specifically to help this problem.

The Graava camera is being presented as the solution to the headache-inducing and time-consuming process of reviewing and editing footage after hours of filming by doing the job for you. Graava’s software is supposed to be able to go through your footage, pick out the best moments and even make edits that match the video to the tempo of any music you choose.

You’re probably wondering how the Graava can possibly pick the best moments from your footage. The device uses an internal image sensor, a microphone, an accelerometer and GPS tracking, and will work with third-party heart monitors to keep an eye on when things got particularly exciting during filming.

When fitted into one of the coloured bumper holsters, Graava can be clipped to your helmet or hooked onto your bike, making it perfect for recording your outdoor adventures. However, at home on its charger, the camera can also be used to capture footage in its monitor mode, acting as a home security device or baby monitor.

The camera doesn’t boast any particularly jaw-dropping specs, shooting 1080p video at 30 frames per second and 720p video at 60 frames per second, taking 8 megapixel stills, and having a reasonably wide field of view of 130 degrees. There’s also no slow motion if you’re a fan of using your action camera to grab your viewer by their visual perception when you’ve done something particularly cool. The device is, however, able to record three hours of video footage on a single charge with the wi-fi switched off and can be fully recharged in two to three hours via USB or its wireless charging map.

Graava is an incredibly social media-conscious camera, uploading all of your footage to the cloud for storage and making videos easy to upload for your friends to see. When you’re finished filming, simply use the Graava app to specify how long you want your footage to be and where you want to upload your video to. Another interesting feature is that Graava cameras are able to compile footage from other Graavas nearby; if the system identifies a friend using Graava nearby it can request to compile footage from both devices into a single video with more than one perspective.

Image: Graava

Graava is available for preorder now at a discounted price of $279 (about £180) including shipping to the UK. Once units start shipping in early 2016, though, prices will jump to $399 (about £260, before shipping) which doesn’t include an SD card. This steep pricing might make it difficult for Graava to steal customers from the market GoPro have cornered, considering Graava’s specs are similar to GoPro’s bottom two cheaper models, the Hero and Hero + which are £110 and £250 respectively. Hopefully Graava’s long battery life and personal editing service will help it stand out – there’s a large market for lazybones, after all.

Main Image: Graava