The 42 best tweets from #SmartphoneChatUpLines

None of us got any work done

Yesterday, Twitter got geek-happy with the hashtag #SmartphoneChatUpLines. It started with this musing from me:

Which resulted in lots of people speculating about which phones would get the best response. Which led to this:

And then this:

And a hashtag was born.

That Snapdragon tweet inspired this one:

And while some preferred software jokes:

Some were more, er, hardware:

Some were romantic:

Some topical:

Some were a little obscure:

(Lucky Goldstar was the original name of LG.)

(And the Idol 3 can be used any way up.)

Quite a few made use of Alcatel’s OneTouch branding:

And while some made us cringe:

Lots made us laugh:

BlackBerry was an easy target, as usual:

As was Windows Phone:

Some were a bit raunchy:

Retro phones made an appearance too (not exactly smartphone chat up lines, but we’ll let it pass):

Apple got zinged:

As did Android:

And even some of the more unusual Androids got a look in:

But in the end, iOS or Android, Windows Phone or Fire Phone, there’s one thing they all had in common:

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