We played a game as a blind kitten, and it was magical

10 minutes of rainbow-filled happytime

Wanderment is a new particle-based 3D platformer by indie developer Andrew Wang about the journey of a blind kitten trying to find a friend. Now, before you go to close your tab, shaking your head and thinking ‘blind kittens at this time on a Tuesday, what is this sadist doing to me?’ I promise you, this isn’t a sad game. Wanderment is actually an incredibly enjoyable and visually magical game that will bring you immense satisfaction in its short 10 minute play time.

The idea behind Wanderment isn’t complicated. You are a blind kitten trying to find your way across town to meet your fellow feline friend. Uninhibited by its lack of sight, your kitten runs and jumps through the world, making the world burst into rainbow particles every time its paws interact with it, which outlines the geometry of the invisible world around you and helps you find your way.

Wanderment is an especially admirable achievement considering it was created in a tight 72 hour deadline for Clonejam, an ongoing jam series which asks indie game developers to design a game that has been inspired by a featured developer’s work. Wanderment itself was inspired by Leap Before You Look and Goodnight by developer Jord Farrell.

The game isn’t photorealistic or powered by the latest engines, but it still manages to be visually arresting by offering brief and undetailed glimpses of the world you are exploring and exploring the aristic possibilities of something as simple as movement. It’s a world that somehow manages to feel very alive just by the free movement of the exploding particles and the soundtrack of everyday life carrying on you.4

The whole game only takes around 10 minutes to play, more than enough time to lift up your mood on your lunch hour. You also have the option to continue exploring with your found friend streaks along beside you, like tandem Nyan-cats, if you haven’t had quite enough of this simplistically beautiful world.