Email organiser InboxVudu goes mobile

The personal assistant for your email now has an app for iOS and Apple Watch

Does opening your inbox sometimes leave you picturing that scene in Harry Potter where all of Harry’s Hogwarts letters come bursting into the Durlsey’s at once? Well, since so few of us are able to pull an uncle Vernon and relocate to a remote cabin, InboxVudu, the system that helps prioritise important emails, is the next best option. And now they’ve launched an iOS app and an Apple Watch app that will make your busy inbox even more manageable. InboxVudu uses language processing and machine learning technology to recognise phrases and words that suggest an important email and helps users to read and respond quickly without trawling through everything else.

This handy technology is now available on your smartphone with the new iOS app. The app will summarise important emails in its ‘highlights’ tab, whilst its ‘follow up’ tab will remind you to reply to messages that require a response. For truly high priority emails you’ll get lock screen notifications so you don’t have to click into your phone to see the urgent stuff.

The desktop and iOS version of InboxVudu are fairly similar, but the Apple Watch app is a little bit different in order to be useful on your wrist. The Apple Watch app will only notify users of their most important emails with single sentence summaries, because nothing would be more annoying than having your wrist notified to the point of considering smashing your Apple Watch with a literal apple. There will also be the option to reply to emails using your voice, or quick reply buttons with messages that are generated based on the content of the email.

InboxVudu is available to download from the iTunes app store for free now, and is also available as a Chrome extension. Currently InboxVudu only supports gmail, but they have plans to expand into other email services in future.

Main Image: © Warner Brothers via giphy