Inspiring new STEM dolls come with DIY experiments and a Netflix series

Project Mc² hopes to provide girls with intelligent and empowered role models

Sometimes a line of toys is announced that makes you really want to go back to your youth and be able to put it straight to the top of your Christmas list. MGA Entertainment’s new dolls, which are part of an effort to get girls interested in STEM (science, tech, engineering and maths) by providing smart and empowered role models, is one such line.

Images: Amazon

There are four Project Mc² dolls, each of whom is focused on her own aspect of STEM. Each doll also comes with her own working experiment kit so that the user can experience STEM in a fun and interesting way. These experiments are cooler than anything I remember playing with, letting kids build working volcanoes, lava lamps, glow stick necklaces, or skateboards from a blueprint. The best thing is, all of these experiments can be used repeatedly using household ingredients.

Images: Amazon

The, er, interestingly-named Camryn, McKeyla, Bryden and Adrienne are available to buy now for £24.99 at retailers including Argos, Toys ‘R’ Us, Amazon and The Entertainer.

The dolls all have their own distinct appearance and sense of style, and have a refreshing amount of diversity (amazingly, there isn’t a blonde one), but the stereotypical body shapes leave something to be desired.

They’re played by real actresses in the tie-in Netflix original series, which revolves around the four characters being recruited to join a top-secret spy organisation. It honestly looks really enjoyable:

In an attempt to reach as many young women as possible, Project Mc² will also release YouTube shorts and an app that will be available from September. Fingers crossed these dolls will help more girls realise that it’s cool to be smart and that their abilities and interests are not determined by their sex. I can feel myself bonding with self-confessed #DigitalDarling Bryden already.

Main image: MGA Entertainment