This Kickstarter campaign wants to make you a wizard

Worth a trip to Gringotts?

We might be muggles, but that doesn’t mean we’re not capable of some technological wizardry. The Maguss wand, now on kickstarter, wants to bring a bit of Harry Potter magic to your everyday life by letting you challenge your friends to digital duels online or in-person.

The idea is simple: players cast spells by waving their wand in preset patterns which are picked up by the built-in motion sensor. This movement is translated via infrared LED to a wearable receiver which then passes the signal to the smartphone application. The app works in real-time to interpret the magic worked, eliciting spell-specific sounds so you can keep track of your wizardry, and keeps track of the best wandwork to determine a winner and feedback all of your battle data. By dueling and, hopefully, winning players can level up and unlock more spells.

Maguss’ initial game system is fairly basic, offering a practice mode where the player can cast spells at their own receiver and move from being a bit of a Lockhart to a seasoned McGonagall. And a simple battle mode where one player challenges another for a face-to-face or online battle which can be accepted or declined. During your battle you’ll be able to cast any spells from the basic set, which consists of defending, attacking and supporting spells.

To bring you this simple game mode, Maguss hopes to raise around £43081, but the Kickstarter campaign also has stretch goals, aiming to bring players a more complex game system. At around £77000, Maguss will add a ‘complex game mode.’ This mode takes inspiration from Role Playing Games, with ranking systems, quests, factions and levelling options where players will have more freedom over choosing what kind of wizard they want to be.

Although quite obviously visually inspired by the Harry Potter universe, the kickstarter page is careful not to mention the Harry Potter brand itself, and if my fanatic memory serves me well, the spells all seem to be completely original, so hopefully this is enough to avoid any copyright infringements.

The kickstarter is currently in very early stages, with 32 days still to go, but they’re hoping to ship in December 2015. You can preorder your own standard package, which comes with the wand, receiver and login credentials for the app, by donating around £44.

There’s no denying Maguss looks cool, but after watching the outdoor fun in the video, I can’t help but think it’s definitely an ‘in the house you twat’ kind of product.

Main Image: Maguss