Yay! Fallout Shelter is now available on Android

It's post-nuclear fun for all the family

Back in June of this year Bethesda and ZeniMax debuted Fallout Shelter, the first-ever mobile game set in the Fallout universe. And it was free. And then it became a critical success. But it was only for iOS. Cue some burning glares at my innocent Android. Fortunately, Bethesda and ZeniMaxx have announced that Fallout Shelter is now freely available in the UK for Android from today. Finally, Android users can quench that burning FOMO and pass the time until Fallout 4 with hours of post-nuclear strategy fun.

Fallout Shelter is a strategy and simulation game that puts you in control of your own underground Vault where you can oversee a community of Vault dwellers, have them explore the wasteland, help them prosper, and protect them from the post-nuclear Wasteland and all of its dangers. Today’s launch also features exciting new updates, including Mr Handy. Mr Handy is a robotic companion you can use to collect resources inside your Vault, have venture into the Wasteland on a cap collecting mission, or even defend your Vault from a variety of creature invasions and infestations. If you’re literally underground on your tube journey, you might as well be virtually underground as well.

You can get involved in the time-consuming underground fun by downloading Fallout Shelter on Google Play. or the iTunes app store.

Main Image: Flickr © piyokos