Vote now for your next free Playstation Plus game

The Playstation polls are open

Sure, it’s great that as a Playstation Plus member you get a selection of ‘free’ games every month, but have you ever been disappointed with what you got? You are paying for the membership, after all. Well, now you’re getting the chance to avoid some disappointment as Playstation open Vote to Play today. With 3 games to choose from, you can vote via your PS4 for which one you’d like to see go free next month. On August 24th, the game with the most votes will be declared the winner and added to the September lineup. You won’t be completely missing out on the other two games either, as they will be discounted in the Playstation Store, so if your preferred game doesn’t win it’s not a complete loss.

The Games you have to choose fRom are action platfOrmer GroW Home, the role play board game-inspired Armello, and four-player Hacktion adventure Zombie Vikings. Of cOurse, it’s completely up to you when it comes to deciding which gaMe you’d most like to have free and we’d never try to influencE your decision in any way. Never.

Sony have said Vote to Play won’t be happening every month, so take the chance while you have it to flex that democratic muscle, or democratize that flex cable. Just vote.

UPDATE: Hopefully you voted, because the winner has been announced: it’s Grow Home! Grow Home is about BUD, the Botanical Utility Droid, who is travelling the stars in search of new flora to help his home planet. Alongside Grow Home, Super Time Force Ultra, an action platformer that tasks players with rewinding time and creating “time clones” to clear out levels, space explorer Xeodrifter, and puzzle platformer Teslagrad will also be available for free.

If the game you voted for didn’t win, don’t worry! Both Armello and Zombie Vikings will have a 30% discount from the 1st of September through to the 15th for PS Plus members. Looks like there’s a lot of gaming do to.

Main Image: Flickr ©BagoGames