Hellfire Commentaries: The YouTube channel live-streaming for charity

It’s a marathon event, a Nintendothon, actually.

Hellfire Commentaries is a YouTube channel that specialises in videogame playthroughs, as well as commentaries on a variety of films and TV shows. Each of their videos offers criticism, insight, humour, and merciless mockery. But they also help charity.

In support of MIND, the UK-based mental health charity, Hellfire Commentaries are doing a Nintendothon. The Nintendothon involves the Hellfire team live-streaming playthroughs of a plethora of Nintendo games from August 2nd all the way through to August 16th. And with up to 6 streams airing each day from 7pm BST, it’s safe to say they’re working hard. Viewers are able to donate towards a variety of incentives which can be found here, along with the playthrough schedule.

With £9700 raised, more than their initial £9600 goal, Hellfire Commentaries are doing incredibly well. It’s not the first time they’ve live-streamed for a good cause, either, having done a Zeldathon in 2013 and a Sonicthon in 2014 for charity Childsplay.

If you’re interested in tuning in to see playthroughs of fantastic games like Star Fox Adventures and Super Mario 64, and listen with amazement as the team manage to maintain interesting and entertaining commentary, visit the team’s twitch and keep an eye on their twitter for updates.

Main Image: © Hellfire Commentaries