Watch the Pokemon World Championships live from Boston

They just want to be the very best, like no one ever was.

Are you finding it a little bit demoralising that after all this time, Ash Ketchum still hasn’t won a Pokemon League? Do you want to see someone achieve their dream of becoming a Pokemon master just once? Well, you should tune into the Pokemon World Championships being streamed live from Boston from August 21st to August 23rd.

Hundreds of the best players from more than 30 countries worldwide will be gathering to compete in tournaments for the Pokemon Trading Card Game and the Alpha Ruby/Omega Sapphire videogame. The action starts on the 21st of August at 2pm BST with an opening ceremony, followed by a full two days of Pokemon video game and Trading Card Game matches. Things will come to a close on the 23rd of August after the Trading Card Game final matches at 2pm BST, immediately followed by the videogame finals. The full programming schedule for the event is available here.

The prize money is enough to get Bulbasaur’s vines in a twist, with more than $500,000 up to win, more than four times the prize pool for last year. Each videogame champion will take home a $10,000 scholarship, whilst card game champions will receive a $25,000 scholarship. Have you started looking out your old trading card collection yet? Because I have.

You can watch the tournament on the official website or over on twitch and cheer on the sidelines like a loyal Brock or Misty.

Main Image: © Pokemon