Recreate Snapchat’s new feature IRL with these emoji cushions

You're definitely getting laid with these on your bed

Last week, Snapchat updated its app to offer a Sticker Picker menu (tap the Post-It Note type thing at the top once you’ve taken a photo):

This lets you add as many emoji as you like to your snaps, and you can resize and reposition them to your <3’s content. Like this:

Or, if you prefer, this:

Useful for Snapchatting people when you’ve just woken up.

We’ve been having lots of fun recreating that look in real life with Firebox’s new emoji cushions:

Ideal for the social media dickhead in your life (that’d be me, then) they come in Hearts, Grin, Smile, Smirk, Wink, and yes, Poo designs.

Image: Firebox

(The press release notes that the poo emoji is in fact meant to be a smiling ice cream, which makes me wonder what kind of ice cream they eat in Japan. Wait, don’t answer that).

The emoji cushions cost £19.99 each, but if the thought of picking your favourite emoji is akin to choosing your favourite puppy, you can get the whole set for £119.94. Yes, that’s £19.99 x 6. I’m good at maths.

They’re available now at Firebox.

Main image © Firebox

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