Sony reveal their limited edition Star Wars Playstation

Sony's limited edition Darth Vader Playstation is inviting you to the dark side

Between Battlefront, The Force Awakens, and all the merchandise and news being released in relation to them, you’re no doubt feeling a bit like the Star Wars brand is using a force choke on you. Well, now Sony are gripping your throat a little tighter and inviting you to come over to the dark side with their new limited edition Star Wars console.

Playstation’s blog revealed that the 500GB console is emblazoned with Darth Vader’s face and a repeating Star Wars logo. It’s not a particularly imaginative design. The blue indicator light actually makes it look a bit like the dreaded Sith Lord is cowering away from a Jedi lightsaber. The console comes with a Dualshock 4 wireless controller, the slightly more subtle design of which is supposed to reflect the buttons on Vader’s chest panel. This subtlety is lost, however, as like the console, the controller has the Star Wars logo etched repeatedly across the touchpad. In case you didn’t get it. It’s for Star Wars.

Fortunately, the bundle’s software is more attractive. The Battlefront bundle includes a Deluxe edition of the Battlefront game, as well as a digital voucher for four retro Star Wars games (SNES’ Super Star Wars, and PS2 releases Bounty Hunter, Jedi Starfighter, and Racer Revenge) all with enhanced graphics and trophy support.

A second bundle featuring Disney Infinity 3.0: Star Wars Edition and matching figurines will also be made available, but this is exclusively at Walmart in the US. If the special edition console doesn’t appeal to you either, there will thankfully be the option to buy a standard PS4 Bundle which includes a PS4 system (CUH-1200 series) and plain black Dualshock 4, as well as Battlefront and the four classic games.

Sony hasn’t released any pricing yet, but the bundles are set to launch on November 17th 2015.

Main Image: © Sony