The Playstation 4 20th anniversary controller is now available for preorder

The Dualshock 4 gets a colour scheme that's a blast from the past

If you’re a Sony fan, or even just a gamer with an appreciation of the retro aesthetic, you probably remember coveting the 20th anniversary grey Playstation 4 console released in December 2014. You also probably remember having that dream of ownership torn out from under you as the console sold out in minutes, and then watching in abject horror as your dream was re-sold on eBay and Amazon for frankly cynicism-inducing sums. The system has never been re-released and it doesn’t look like there are plans for any new shipments.

Sony are creating another opportunity for you to embrace nostalgia, however, by releasing the Dualshock 4 controller that came with the system available to retailers. The controller features the classic logo as well as the grey color of the Playstation One. The retro accessory is available for pre-order now, with a listed release date of the 1st of September, from retailers such as Game, Gamestop, and Amazon.
As you would expect, the controller will set you back slightly more than your average Playstation accessory, costing £49.99 rather than the £44.99 you’d pay for the jet black. But that’s a negligible amount for a much cooler controller.

It might not be as satisfying as having the full console, but this is definitely something to make you feel a bit better about missing out. And if you’d really rather your console matched your controller, you could always buy a matching decal. We won’t tell anyone it’s not the original.

Main Image: © Sony