The BBC want your help to create a Doctor Who adventure

Fan passion is a creative goldmine

Quick, go to your laptop. Find that folder you hid in that other folder. Now find the next folder hidden in that folder that was your attempt to create a digital matryoshka of shame. Open it. Your Doctor Who fanfic is needed. By the BBC no less, so maybe skim over the PWP.

Fanbases generate tomes worth of fanfiction and fan videos every year, and few are as active in their creative efforts as the Doctor Who fandom (or ‘Whovians’). In what can only be described as a fangirl’s dream, the BBC are finally seeing the rich original content their talented fans are producing and have decided to tap into it with Mission Dalek, part of the Make It Digital campaign.

Make It Digital is the BBC’s attempt to get people involved with programming, coding, and creative technology, and as part of it, Mission Dalek wants Doctor Who fans to create their own stories starring the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi. They’re not giving much direction, other than asking that the Doctor come face to deathray with his greatest enemies, the Daleks, and providing this lead in:

“Lost in space and time without his TARDIS, the Doctor is trying to make contact. The only clues as to where he is are in his 2000 Year Diary, located in the TARDIS Core. Use these clues to create your very own #MissionDALEK adventure to tell us how the Doctor comes face-to face with the Daleks once again.”

Other than this fairly loose guideline, participants have complete freedom in deciding how the Doctor gets into his next predicament, and in how they wish to present the story, be it using BBC-provided clips or footage of their own shooting. For anyone that’s completely lost in space, tutorials in digital content creation have been provided, which are interesting to watch in themselves, even if you’re not intending to take part.

Winners will get to visit the Doctor Who set and meet Peter Capaldi, as well as the Daleks. You can only enter to win if you’re a UK resident and over the age of 16, but international fans can still submit creations in celebration of the Doctor.

If you do decide to enter, you should note that whilst you would retain copyright of any of your original ideas, you do give the BBC royalty-free license to broadcast your entry across all media platforms, with no fees or expenses being paid for any entry. But you’d expect that, really.

So, what are you waiting for? The competition is open today, and closes on September 9th. Allons-y, as the tenth Doctor would say!

Main Image: © BBC