Marvel debut a new female superhero: The Red Widow

We don’t know much about her, but from what we can see she’s set to be a badass

If you’re familiar with the Avengers franchise, you’ve probably heard of the Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff, who carries more than her fair share of the burden of representing a strong female character in mainstream comic media. Fortunately, in the comic book world, she’s not short of strong female support, and with Marvel’s debut of the Red Widow (via The Mary Sue) she’s going to get even more.

Not much has been revealed about the Red Widow’s real identity, other than that she chose to take up her heroic form, unlike Natasha Romanoff’s enforced participation in the Black Widow programme. Aside from that, we’ve only really got an in-costume image to pick apart and speculate over. Her costume looks great, and from what we can see she appears to be holding electrically charged swords which is just fantastically cool as far as weapons go, and a prime source of shock-related puns.

The Red Widow is going to make her first appearance in a short story as part of Mockingbird: SHIELD 50th Anniversary #1, released next month as part of SHIELD’s 50th anniversary. After this she’ll make a more substantial appearance in Margaret Stohl’s YA novel Black Widow: Forever Red in October. Of Red Widow, Stohl said:

“In many ways, she’s the opposite of the Black Widow — she actually chooses to become the Red Widow — but both Widows share a mysterious bond and a history, and will change the course of each other’s lives, moving forward… I couldn’t be prouder of both Widows — and of Marvel Comics, for being so supportive of the two of them.”

From this Red Widow will being to appear regularly in Marvel’s ‘All New, All Different’ universe.

It’s always exciting to see another female hero enter the Marvel universe, especially one that looks of the younger generation she will hopefully inspire. I’m also interested to see just how she and the Black Widow relate to each other, and to read what will hopefully an intriguing story arc between two well-rounded female heroes.

You’ll be able to get your first glimpse of the Red Widow in action in Mockingbird: SHIELD 50th Anniversary #1, out September 2.

(Via The Mary Sue)

Main Image: © Marvel/The Mary Sue