SHHHOWERCAP is giving the humble shower cap a much needed makeover

Throw away that polka-dot monstrosity sitting by your bath

Of all the products you use to get ready in the morning, your shower cap is undoubtedly the most irksome; it’s lazy on the fronts of both form and function. More often than not, it’s a polka-dot monstrosity that makes you feel a bit like your aunt Mabel, or has an awful bath-time theme (mine looks like a duck, beak and all). But it’s not enough that it looks bad, most of the time it doesn’t have the good grace to even do what it’s supposed to, letting your hairline drown to save the rest of your locks, or flattening your hair in its volume vacuum to the point you wish you’d just washed it. But we can’t wash it every day, as we’re repeatedly told it’s not good for the hair’s natural oils. We could just tie our hair up, but all it takes is one maverick water stream to spray off course and ruin everything, so the shower cap has remained a necessary evil.

Fortunately, Brooklyn-based art director Jacquelyn De Jesu has decided to tackle these problems with her new SHHHOWERCAP, a turban-inspired alternative to the traditional cap.

SHHHOWERCAP is made from a sheet of nanotech fabric, with a rubber grip that holds in your hair whilst you wrap the waterproof material around your head. Thanks to the patent-pending grip, the product fits all head sizes and hair styles and securely holds your hair without ruining volume. Even better, rather than sit in the corner of your bathroom, still wet and emanating a curious smell like the traditional cap, SHHHOWERCAP’s fabric is water-repellent, making it cold-water washable and easy to shake off to dry. The breathable nature of the fabric also stops that awful sticky humidity building up, and the fact that it’s not plastic means you don’t feel like you’re wearing a tin hat in a rainstorm when it covers your ears.

Not only does the SHHHOWERCAP do its job better than its traditional counterpart, it also looks better, coming in 5 different designs, 4 patterns and one block colour, nice enough that you wouldn’t feel especially ashamed throwing them on at the pool on holiday. Being so light, waterproof, and easy to scrunch up and throw in your bag, the SHHHOWERCAP could actually prove a viable alternative to carrying an umbrella, if when it rains the only thing you really want to save is your hair. But for now, I’ll rest easy knowing that I can throw away my duck-shaped shower cap that brought me nothing but damp hair and eternal shame.

SHHHOWERCAP retails for $43 (£28) and you can visit the pre-sale now to have a look. They are a US based company, but you can use services like MyUS for delivery.

UPDATE: SHHHOWERCAP now ship internationally! It will cost you $25 for shipping to the UK, which does seem a bit steep but SHHHOWERCAP assure us they’re looking to reduce international shipping costs.