A new drink has been developed to prevent UTIs

Put down that cranberry juice and rejoice

If there’s one thing that’s likely to make you want to shake your own hand, thank your body for a lovely time, but declare that you’ve had quite enough and would like to leave it, it’s a Urinary Tract Infection, or UTI. Not only are they incredibly uncomfortable, forcing you to press your legs together so tightly the jaws of life wouldn’t be up to the job, they often require antibiotics for treatment, and can cause serious kidney and bladder problems if left unimpeded in their assault on your urethra. The worst thing is, most UTIs are set off by the most innocuous daily activities such as sex and playing sports in tight clothing, or times where you don’t have easy access to a shower, such as camping. It just makes you want to ask: can I live?

There are some preventative measures such as drinking enough cranberry juice to end up like Violet Beauregarde: cranberry edition, or taking supplements, but these are not proven to work for everyone, and with many cranberry juices containing salts and sugars that will only irritate your urethra more, it would be nice to have a more reliable preventative method. Particularly since despite all your efforts to keep hydrated, consume the entire stock of Ocean Spray, go to the bathroom after sex, and wipe front to back, you could still find yourself needing antibiotics or symptom relief sachets to silence your screaming urethra. And let’s not even get into your increased risk of developing thrush on a long course of antibiotics. It’s the circle of hell even Dante wouldn’t cover.

Enter Uqora, the Berkley-based startup company that has created a sugar-free drink mix that they claim will reduce your chances of contracting a UTI by 75%. The drink is a powdered blend of vitamins and carbohydrates with slightly diuretic effects that will your boost immunity to repeated infection, and prevent bacteria from sticking to your urethra in the first place. You don’t have to take the drink every day, just when you think you might have done something that will make your urinary tract want to instigate some guerilla warfare.

To get your hands on Uqora, head to their website to place an order. For one box of 10 pink lemonade flavoured sachets you’re looking at paying around £28, including delivery to the UK. It seems like a lot, but to prevent these damn things it’s probably worth it.

Main Image: ©iStock/colevineyard