Geeky find of the week: Pokemon Oak research lab varsity jacket

Professor Elm wishes he had merch this cool

Do you find Ash Ketchum’s love of going out to ‘catch ‘em all’ lacking in subtlety? Does your love of Pokemon go deeper than wanting to master them? Professor Oak would be proud. He’d probably even give you a research job. Preempt his offer of employment and show your pride with our geeky find of the week: the Oak Research Lab varsity jacket.

The jacket is 80% cotton, 20% polyester, and printed in the UK. It even includes a hidden opening in the pocket for a headphone cord and loops below the neckline to secure your headphones; you’ll need your headphones close when you’re tackling Jigglypuff. It comes in S to XXL and costs £35, with an extra £3 for shipping to the UK.

The jacket has great reviews, so what are you waiting for? Gotta research ‘em all!

Main Image: © Etsy/Player1clothing