Geeky find of the week: Marvel superhero facemasks

Does your skin need a hero?

When it comes to skincare routines, we’ve all been the rule-breaking supervillain; the Loki of skincare. It’s so easy to leave makeup on overnight, moisturise sporadically, and utterly ignore the perplexing practice of toning. All of these crimes can, unfortunately, leave you looking the age Captain America actually should. However, now your skin has a pair of superhero saviours with our geeky find of the week: the Captain America and Iron Man face masks.

Japanese company Isshin-do Honpo have released officially licensed Marvel face masks that make excellent use of the previously poorly aesthetically utilised coverage of traditional face masks.

Image:© Marvel/Isshin-do Honpo/Japan Trend Shop

The Avengers skin care pack contains an Iron Man mask and a Captain America mask, but they’re not purely a gimmick; these masks contain ingredients, including vitamin C and lavender, that will fight a multitude of skin crimes and, if the wonderful instructional diagram is anything to go by, will leave your skin sparkling like a a freshly waxed and polished Iron Man.

Isshin-do Honpo offer a wide range of themed face masks from cute animals to Kabuki face masks, but we can’t help but love these superhero ones in particular. It would be great to see the line of geeky face masks expand; I wouldn’t say no turning into the Hulk for ten minutes.

Image: © Marvel/Isshin-do Honpo/Japan Trend Store

The masks can be found on the Japan Trend Store and retail for £17 with worldwide delivery coming to an additional £9.

Main Image: © Marvel/Isshin-do Honpo/Japan Trend Store