Toshiba held a press conference in a 70s nuclear bunker to prove their transfer tech works

Certainly got our attention

Initially I was concerned over Toshiba’s interesting decision at this year’s IFA tech trade show to hold their press conference in a 1970s nuclear bunker with no mobile signal or wifi access, but we were assured it was for a good reason. Discussing their role as innovators of storage solutions, Toshiba representatives quite rightly said “we cannot survive if we keep selling old technology.” And so as you would expect, they’re releasing something new: Transfer Jet.

Transfer Jet is essentially a new wireless proximity technology that can transfer your data, whether it’s images, videos, music or games, with one touch between devices, be they iOS, Android, laptop, or tablet.

There will be a variety of Transfer Jet devices: micro USB for Android, USB for laptops, iOS adaptors, and a 16GB memory card for digital cameras. Using these, you’re able to transfer data between devices very fast, for example, 103 8MP images in 5 seconds. This speed is actually quite impressive compared to the 14 or so image files a wifi connection will send in the same time. Hence the reason for the bunker: to make sure we fully understood that this is not a technology aided by wireless connection, it really is just that fast on its own. It’s entirely based on proximity, which should minimise the leakage of data without the need for complex security measures, allowing you to share your data only with people you choose.

We were shown how the technology works with a digital camera to Android transfer. The representative simply plugged the micro USB into the charge port of his Android smartphone, started up the free to download Transfer Jet app, and touched his digital camera (already loaded with the Transfer Jet-equipped memory card) to the phone, transferring all of his photos from the night in seconds.

In situations where a wireless connection just isn’t possible, or even when you just don’t have the patience to upload and send all of your photos to that demanding relative, or you’re in a bunker, this technology would be extremely useful. It would be nice not to have holiday photos languish on the camera until the next year, or to have your friend be able to share that video from their iPhone to your Android with minimal hassle.

You can see the product in slightly exaggerated action in this video of a father and son with a questionable number of smartphones, far too much time on their hands, and a mother with endless patience.

Toshiba’s Transfer Jet products will be launching this month in the UK, France and Germany, with plans to expand to more countries later. There is no official price or retailer announced yet but the USB adapters are expected to cost around £25 and the memory card around £35.

It’s pretty difficult to make filesharing technology exciting, but Toshiba did a pretty good job. Now let us out of the bunker so we can upload this, dammit.

Main image: © Toshiba