[UPDATED] Star Wars BB-8 Droid: Probably the best Star Wars toy ever

He has rolled his way into our hearts

R2D2 is without a doubt one of the most iconic and well loved characters in the Star Wars universe. But 38 years later, it looks like a new Droid to love is rolling onto the scene, and his name is BB-8. It’s hard to imagine anyone replacing R2, but BB-8 is now for sale on Firebox, conveniently released just in time for Force Friday, and he’s definitely the best thing to come out of the event.

As a member of the cast of the upcoming Episode VII: The Force Awakens, BB-8 has already been grabbing fan interest due to the fact that he’s incredibly not CGI. Now that fans have the chance to own their very own spherical Droid, we’re willing to bet he’s going to be popular.

Sphero, the toymaker behind BB-8, already have remotely controlled robot spheres on the market, they simply had to add BB-8’s floating head and have it stay perfectly in place whilst his body rolls around. The only imaginable way they did this is through clever utilisation of the force. I refuse to tear him apart to find otherwise; my Droid rights campaign begins now.The final toy stands 10cm tall and can be controlled through a smartphone app available for iOS and Android.

BB-8 can be set on automated patrols, will roll to wherever you point him using the app, and responds to voice commands. Bewilderingly, his attitude and actions will evolve as you interact with him more and he will eagerly explore autonomously. Like a true Star Wars Droid, he even lets you create and view holographic recordings, projecting them across any surface. Don’t expect anything quite advanced as the films, but come on, that’s cool.

Charging BB-8 up is quick and easy as he comes with a wireless charging base. He is retailing at £129.99 which seems pretty steep but when you consider this Droid is emotionally adaptive, is able to move autonomously, and is unbelievably adorable (would you just look at him?) it doesn’t seem all that much.

Holographic communication, autonomous Droid behaviour, adorable futuristic designs? The galaxy that was once far far away is starting to feel a lot closer than it used to. But at least we’ll have a Droid friend to explore it with.

UPDATE: BB-8 has probably been rolling around your house for a while now. You’re probably inseparable. Well, the good news is that BB-8 is going to continue to bring you Star Wars related joy, as Sphero have updated the little droid’s app to provide exclusive content of new characters that will appear in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Owners of BB-8 will have exclusive access to holograms through the app that will feature new Star Wars characters Captain Phasma and the returning Stormtroopers. The app will automatically update, so just click through to the “messages section” to access the content.

Main Image: Firebox