5 of the weirdest products we saw at the IFA tech trade show


Miss IFA, the bafflingly unnecessary redhead that poses with products for essentially no reason

IFA, Europe’s biggest consumer tech conference, isn’t just smartphones and TVs. We scouted the halls for the most brilliant and baffling up and coming gadgets.

1. The case that saves your phone from the toilet

This technical wonder also helps you to take selfies like a pro, even while on the loo.

Are you a prolific toilet texter? Phone insurance premiums going through the roof? This is the gadget for you.The KEEEP (yes, three E’s) Finger Holder Stand by South Korea’s Kevin Designs adds two convenient finger holes behind your smartphone and promises to protect you from the social shame of dropping your smartphone midway through taking your next selfie.

The case doubles as a stand and can be connected to a neck chain, perfect for those times when you need your hands free.

The KEEEP Finger Holder Stand, $15 Amazon.com.

2. Panasonic’s bearded lady magic mirror

IFA attendees channeling Conchita Wurst.

Do you wake up in the morning wishing you could be Eurovision champion Conchita Wurst for a day? We do. Panasonic’s latest home innovation offers this and much more.

Currently a concept product, the magic mirror can also chip away at your self-esteem by suggesting a new nose, wrinkle treatments and drastic new hairstyles.

Panasonic Magic Mirror. Pricing and availability unknown.

3. Skype robot – the guy you want to avoid at parties

Benjamin wouldn't take no for an answer.

Fast becoming a permanent fixture at tech events, video conferencing robots were out in full force at IFA, terrifying innocent onlookers.Like many other cutting edge technologies, society has yet to adjust to the idea of Skype robots at social functions leading to scenes of mass social awkwardness.

Benjamin of Lyon (pictured above) was keen to make friends in the halls of IFA, but sadly spent much of the afternoon chasing after concerned-looking punters.

Awabot BeamPro, free trials available today at awabot.com

4. Laser hair restoring flat caps

From the makers of KEEEP Finger Holder Stand (as seen above) comes the Hair 660, the world’s first wireless laser hair restorer flat cap. Combining the best of countryside chic with cutting edge technology, the Hair 660 promises to restore you to a full head of hair without the need for cumbersome power wires.

Lasers are more commonly used for hair removal than restoration, but this patented technology promises 15.5% more hair on your head for just 19 minutes usage.

Hair 600 from Kevin Designs, pricing not yet disclosed.

5. Doggy fitness trackers

Fitness trackers could be coming to a dog near you.

Does your pooch have a paunch? Hot on the heels of the activity tracking trend comes Tractive, makers of the world’s first Pedometer for dogs.

Tractive already sell a successful range of GPS trackers for both cats and dogs for owners that like to keep tabs on their pets. Their new fitness tracker will be out just in time for the festive season, so give your dog the gift of fitness this Christmas.

Tractive GPS collars and fitness trackers, from £70 at tractive.com.


This article originally appeared on The Memo on 8 September 2015. Main image: IFA.