/Slash/ is the coming-of-age movie about a teen’s adventures in writing fanfiction

Or at least it will be if it gets the funding

Fanfiction sure is getting a lot of love these days. After the BBC’s calls for fans to send in their own storyline ideas for the newest Doctor Who series, there’s now a Kickstarter campaign for a movie about fanfiction. It’s basically a fanfiction about fanfiction; we’re through the looking glass here, internet.

The movie, called /Slash/ is currently up as a project on Kickstarter. The thoroughly modern coming-of-age comedy revolves around a young male fanfic writer who is convinced by his older female friend to publish his writing online. However, when his work catches the eye of one of the moderators, things begin to change for the writer.

Image: Kickstarter

/Slash/ is a comedy, but the Kickstarter promises that it fully embraces and is for fanfiction writers and their community rather than poking fun at them, taking a particular interest in erotic slash fiction. The page states: “At its heart, this is the story of a young man struggling to understand his place in the world, both socially and sexually, and both the stories he writes and the community he finds through sharing his work are an important part of his journey. It’s a film that will connect with anyone who has ever felt like an outsider, or struggled to figure out where they fit in.”

It’s a plot that actually sounds refreshing. It’s always nice to see the less explored or misunderstood elements of geek culture represented and explored with a sense of humour that is inclusive rather than sneering. I would have been even more interested in a female lead, just to get the opportunity to see a possibly understanding and alternative representation of a young woman finding ways of exploring her sexuality on screen, but we can’t get everything we want, and I certainly won’t hold it against what looks like a pretty great idea for a film.

The movie features Michael Ian Black, Missi Pyle, Matt Peters, with many other comedians besides, and it honestly looks like a great watch. Whatever your relationship with fanfiction and slashfic is, whether you’re completely uninitiated or a writer yourself, you should at least have a peek at the Kickstarter page if only just to see the parts of the movie they have so far. The team have raised $12,887 of their $45,000 goal at time of writing, but they still have 16 days, so reaching their target is by no means impossible. If you want to donate yourself, options range from as little as $1, $25 to see the film as soon as it’s available, ranging up to $10,000 to get the title of associate producer on the movie.

You can check out the page here. It might be quite nice to have a coming-of-age movie that isn’t retrospective and mainly for those who have already come of age.

Main Image: Kickstarter