This little Logitech keyboard can type on your phone

Oh hi, super-long WhatsApp messages

We told you portable keyboards were becoming more popular; the overthrow of the touchscreen continues. This time it’s Logitech that’s bringing desktop comfort to your smartphone and tablet with their new K380 portable bluetooth keyboard and M535 bluetooth mouse.

The K380 keyboard is small and light, as you would expect from any self-respecting keyboard claiming to be portable. One of its most interesting features, though, is that it can connect via Bluetooth to three different devices, allowing you to switch between your phone, laptop and tablet at the push of a button. These buttons conveniently say 1, 2, and 3, so you should maybe get little numbers for their respective devices if you’re the forgetful type.

Switching devices should be easy as 1,2, 3.

The keyboard is operating system adaptive and is able to recognise your connected devices, automatically mapping keys to supported functions and shortcuts, allowing for more familiarity and less of that “if I stare at these buttons long enough I’ll surely find the right one” kind of feeling. Two AAA batteries come with the keyboard and they’ll power it for up to 2 years, which leaves you a lot of typing time. If you’re a bit sick of the “professional” grey/black colour scheme in which most tech seems to be available, there’s happily also a blue option.

If you’d like to take your desktop experience even further, you can get the M535 bluetooth mouse to match. You can buy the mouse in the same blue or grey colour scheme as the keyboard and its programmable navigation button allows you to switch between applications, change between desktops, drag-and-drop files and images, replicate the three-finger swipe gesture that brings up mission control on a Mac computer, and bring up Task View on Windows 10. The mouse promises to work on just about any surface, from metal café tables, to tile countertops, to a wooden desk, due to its laser-grade optical sensor. Like the keyboard, it has an impressive battery life, lasting up to 10 months on one AA battery which comes included.

Both mouse and keyboard have wireless range of 30ft and work on iPad and iPhone iOS 5 or later; Android tablets and smartphones version 3.2 and later; windows 7 and later; Mac OS 10.10 and later, and even Chrome OS.

The M535 mouse is available from September 2015 and the K380 keyboard will be available from October 2015, both on the Logitech website for £35 each with £8.26 for shipping. They’ll also be available on Amazon at the same price, but with free UK shipping.