Look out Ikea, you’ve got company in the wireless charging furniture game

Wood + tech = sold

Fonesalesman, like Ikea before them, have announced they’re launching a range of wireless charging furniture. The new FurniQi range will combine stylish furniture with wireless power for people who take their commitment to a wire free home seriously and want something that looks just a little more premium than the Ikea range.

The first product in the line to be released will be the FurniQi side table, a Mao Zhu bamboo table with wireless charging technology integrated into its design. Place any wireless-enabled phone on the charging spot and you’re ready to charge, no wires needed (well, assuming you have a wireless charging phone like the Samsung Galaxy S6). The table, being bamboo, is quite similar in appearance to the company’s already released bamboo charging pucks.

We quite like Fonesalesman’s use of bamboo in the manufacture of their products as when it comes to aesthetics, it offers a reasonably expensive looking natural colour palette that doesn’t grab too much attention in your home.

Fonesalesman have plans to release more pieces in the range that will also feature the Qi technology, one of the main standards for wireless charging. It’s supported by tonnes of phone manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Sony, and Microsoft.

The crowdfunding campaign for the side table has now been launched on Indiegogo and you can have a look here. Fonesalesman are looking to raise $50,000 and already have $995 with 35 days to go. Contributions start at $39 (£25) to receive a charging wood puck, and go up to $1300 (£850) to receive ten of the charging tables for distribution. If you’re after one for yourself you’re looking at donating $139 (£91) to get one table with one charging spot.

Main Image: Fonesalesman