13 TV theme tunes you probably haven’t heard for years

Brace yourself. The nostalgia is coming.

You know those days where you go around for the entire day with an old song stuck in your head, a song that dances round and round the worn maypole that is your last nerve. Awful, aren’t they? Well, we’re going to make today one of those days with these 13 TV theme tunes you probably haven’t heard for years, but will now hear on repeat. For days. In your own traitorous mind.

It’s the first in our Friday 13 series of 13 kickass things on a Friday, and it’s going to be good.

13) Hey Arnold

One of the jazziest theme tunes to come out of the 90s.

12) Knightrider

So. 80s. Someone pass us some hairspray and a Commodore 64.

11) He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

By the power of Greyskull, this song makes you feel like you can do anything. Seriously. Even hanging out your washing could feel like a heroic effort with this playing.


10) Kenan and Kel

You want orange soda now, don’t you? You do you do you do.


9) Sister Sister

We never knew how much we missed this one.


8) Pokémon

No those aren’t tears, we know, you’re just being a Squirtle.

7) Saved By the Bell

It’s kind of hard not to seat shuffle to this one.


6) Pinky and the Brain

Brain. Brain. Brain. Brain. We never realised that Brain made up 70% of the lyrics.

5) Firefly

The extended version because it’s just so good.

4) Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Another Joss Whedon show. This guy does good intros.

3) Arthur

This one is so unbelievably wholesome it might just brighten your day. Or make you vomit rainbows.

2) Rugrats

The show where every episode you would sigh “Chuckie” with varying degrees of exasperation.

1) The X Files

We believe.

Main image: YouTube