You might have heard the new Xbox One update launches in November

Here's a snapshot of what you can expect

This November, Microsoft are launching their new Xbox One Experience to its general usership, and over the next couple of weeks it’ll be rolled out to Preview members. Over on Xbox Wire, Mike Ybarra has written up a list of things we can expect from the update. This is Xbox’s biggest update to date, promising to bring a completely re-imagined system with the fastest and most social experience possible. The Xbox One Experience will be powered by Windows 10 which will apparently get players to popular gaming features up to 50 percent faster.

This is set to be a complete system overhaul, and here are some of the more exciting features: backwards compatibility. This will allow users to play over 100 Xbox 360 games on Xbox One, with hundreds more planned in the future. One of the better features of this backwards compatibility is that Xbox One users will be able to play multiplayer with their friends who are still using the Xbox 360. You go Microsoft, breaking barriers. No hierarchies.

A new Guide will let you access Home screen features like friends, messages, and settings without leaving your game. A completely new home screen that will have a faster and easier to navigate interface. A new community section has been created to make the console more social, allowing you to see more easily what your friends are up to or what Xbox gamers are up to generally with the new Trending section that will show popular Xbox Live posts. The store has been upgraded with the clear categories of Games, Movies & TV, and Music and a new vertical gallery will bring up more listings so that you can find more things to spend your money on with a simple sideways glance.

Image via Xbox Wire

To be honest, we’ve heard most of this before from Gamescom and E3, but Microsoft do seem to be excited, so we’re hesitantly joining them. Something interesting that I wasn’t aware of was their new OneGuide. This is a feature which takes Xbox even further in conquering the complete home entertainment market, displaying a list of trending live TV shows that have lots of viewers on Xbox. If you trust your fellow gamers, this could be a great way to find new things to binge. TV listings will come up instantly in full screen, and there’s even a picture-in-picture mode so that you can browse for other things to watch without missing what’s happening in your show, like you enjoy doing with media providers such Sky and Virgin.

It seems that Microsoft are really trying to push the Xbox One on the home entertainment front, utilising the power of windows 10 to make a faster and more user friendly interface. Really though, we think most people will be excited about the backwards compatibility for access to those last-gen gems.

Main Image via Flickr © Mack Male