Could we be seeing classic Playstation 2 titles on Playstation 4?

We really hope so

As you know, we love the idea of revisiting classic games, and it looks like we could be getting the opportunity to revisit some more. The European video game classification board PEGI has this morning rated PlayStation 2 titles Ape Escape 2, Twisted Metal: Black, and Dark Chronicle for release on the PlayStation 4.

Sony began offering the download of selected PS2 classics on the PS3 in 2012 but this feature has not yet been extended to PS4. Could this be the beginning of it? Or are Sony just adding these games to the PS Now streaming service available on PS3 and PS4, where users can access older titles via subscription or renting? Considering the upcoming backwards compatibility feature on the Xbox One, it might be a sensible option for Sony to begin offering the option to individually download some PS2 classics on the PS4 system as a placatory alternative to native PS3 to PS4 backwards compatibility in the next-gen competition they’re unwilling to develop.

Sony hasn’t actually confirmed the release of any of these titles yet, but if there’s to be an official announcement it will most likely happen tomorrow at their SCEJA Press conference in Japan. Fingers crossed for good news!

Main Image via Flickr © Deni Williams