There’s poo on my finger: Firebox launch emoji rings

Insert "put a ring on it" joke here

Firebox are fast becoming our go-to supplier of all things emoji, first launching cushions and now rings. Their new range of social media jewellery comes in seven flavours: Fist Bump, Heart Eyes, the OK sign, Pizza, the Peace sign, Sassy Girl and of course, the beloved Poo.

Sadly, the new ‘FU’ emoji isn’t in there – there’d be something delightfully meta about wearing a middle finger on your middle finger.

Since I’m an old git, these kind of remind me of the yin-yang rings we all wore in the 90s, stacking them with V-signs and the peace symbol while not actually doing anything about the conflicts in the world. Mind you, those ones cost about 99p from your favourite lava lamp-selling, incense-burning hippy shop, while the emoji rings will run you substantially more at £24.99 each. That’s presumably because they’re silver and gold plated, though we’d have preferred a single colour for the whole ring. Matchy matchy.

There are certainly cheaper ways to get poo on your finger, but this is probably the most hygienic.

They’re available now from Firebox.

Main image: Firebox

Holly Brockwell
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