Highlights from the Playstation press conference in Tokyo this morning

Controllers, and trailers, and VR. Oh my!

Accessories and customisation

Playstation are certainly going for more aesthetic choice in their consoles, with the announcement of new controller colours and bright coloured faceplates for the consoles. The controllers were announced to be available in 4 colours: gold, silver, steel black, and crystal. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting the steel black or crystal in Europe, but we will at least get the gold and silver. I’ll just content myself with admiring the crystal from afar. There isn’t a release date or price for the gold and silver just yet, but we’ll keep an eye out. The face plates, meanwhile, will be available in nine block colours. NINE. So customisable. The faceplates will launch on November 6, only in Sony stores, for ¥2500 (around £15).

Image:© Sony

Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2 for PS4

Unfortunately it’s not quite the PS2 classics on PS4 announcement we were hoping for but Sony has announced that Gravity Rush 2 (titled Gravity Daze 2 in Japan) and PS Vita exclusive Gravity Rush will be coming to the PlayStation 4. First released as a Playstation Vita exclusive in 2012, Gravity Rush is an action platformer that has proved incredibly popular. The original remastered title is to be released on PS4 on December 10 with all three original DLC packs included, and the sequel has a window of 2016. The protagonist Kat from the original will be returning, but no other details for the sequel than that were given. Check out the sequel’s first trailer, it looks impressive:

Same VR headset, all new name

Sony also announced that they have rebranded Project Morpheus as Playstation VR. As someone who quite liked the name Project Morpheus, this is disappointing. The original name elicited, for me at least, an idea of VR being a transformative experience, of becoming someone else as you looked through their eyes; you morphed into the character you were playing. I even had a weird woosh noise in my head that I associated with putting the headset on as it whisked me away to another world and another body. Playstation VR certainly offers the familiarity of the Playstation brand alongside the new experience of VR but it’s just a bit lacking in imagination, isn’t it? Unfortunately no further information on release date or price was given.

It wasn’t massively exciting, but I am keen to get my hands on one of those new Dualshocks. And I’m sure I’ll love Project Mo – sorry, Playstation VR – no matter what.

Main Image: © Sony