Pokémon Infinite Fusion: the fan game bringing your Pokémon fusions to life

Be afraid.

You’ve perhaps heard of and tried (extensively, probably for hours) Alex Onsager’s surprisingly addictive but incredibly simple Pokémon fusion website. If you haven’t, go now. The idea of the site isn’t complicated: mash together unlikely Pokémon for results that are hilarious and terrifying in equal measure. It’s been a while since this internet phenomenon took off, but it could be about to make a bigger and better comeback with an upcoming fan game.

Pokémon Infinite Fusion will keep quite close to the original storyline of the Red and Blue Kanto games, but will let you take any of the original 151 Pokémon and fuse it with another. The fusion isn’t purely visual either, as these new FrankenPokémon will also have new types, statistics, moves and more, which should lead to some much more interesting gameplay. The total number of combinations is 22,801. Terrifying.

The backstory offered by the creator is that a gene introduced into the wild by Team Rocket two years ago allowed Pokémon to fuse together. The phenomenon has since become rather commonplace and is now widely accepted by trainers. It’s amazing what you can get used to in two years. I think it’d take me longer than that to accept that my fish fusing with my budgie is just a thing that happened, but then again, the Pokémon world is more accustomed to weirdness.

Your fused Pokémon’s stats will be decided by the averaged stats of the separate original Pokémon, and types are decided by a combination of the original types and colours. Amazingly, they’ll still be able to evolve.

Right now, a demo of an older version of Pokémon Infinite Fusion is available here,but a newer version has been promised this Autumn. It even has a trailer:

I can’t lie, I love this idea. It’s utterly demented but a bit of a refresher for the original games. All I know is that I need no one on my team but my magnificent Oddchamp.

Look at her. Would you mess with that?

Main image via Pokecommunity © Schrroms