This wardrobe from LG steams, presses, and deodorises your clothes

Hopefully the next step is putting the clothes directly on you

Looking like an odd cross between a fridge and a wardrobe, the LG Styler is a high-tech storage solution that doesn’t just store your clothes, it steams, presses, and deodorises them too.

LG announced the device at New York Fashion Week this week and are calling it a “clothing management system” that is heralding the dawn of “a new era of clothing care.” The wardrobe performs four main functions: hangers which move 220 times per minute to shake your clothes out; a deodoriser which uses steam and fragrance to remove smells; a presser to remove creases and press pleats, and a steamer to keep your clothes neat.

LG have also listed some anticipated locations for their new tech, including hotels, airport lounges, restaurants, salons, and offices. There’s no mention of the home, but as someone who is more inclined to use their floor than their wardrobe, I’m not sure this would solve many problems for me. Unless I was able to jump directly into it already wearing the clothes and had it steam and press the messiness out of my personality.

There’s been no announcement on price or release date just yet, but this is an exceptionally interesting idea on the part of LG. For businesses who want to create a feeling of high-tech luxury, the exterior of the wardrobe looks sleek and unobtrusive (excuse that fridge-like interior) and takes away some of the irritating and stressful need for maintenance that came free with the purchase some of your more expensive pieces of clothing.

Main Image: © LG